Our Approach

General Project Approach

No matter what your business goals are, Swiss Data Labs can help you achieve – or exceed – them faster. Our years of experience in analytics serves as the foundation of our consulting services. Highly skilled, certified consultants work alongside you to help you gain both immediate and long-term value from your Data investment. We partner with you to understand your needs and goals, and to help you chart an optimal path to success. Herefore we use our five step project approach and start with the preparation phase before we continue with the iterative exploration phase, followed by the design and iterative development phase until we reach the final deployment phase.

Business Analytics Quick Start within 10 Days

Customer who are getting started with new technology often struggle with getting started and demonstrating progress to stakeholders. Swiss Data Labs can help your team demonstrate a quick win using the appropriate tools for the project. The Business Analytics Quick Start is an onsite engagement that leverages Swiss Data Labs experts to deliver business analytics content quickly, with high quality and lower risk. The Quick Start is focused on building out specific end user deliverables. The end result is a set of reports and/or dashboard that a customer can use right away.

Week 1 – Explore

Requirements and use cases: Discuss overall requirements and identify specific use cases to be covered as part of the Quick Star


Business Analytics Workshop: Created detailed design of business process and event to be modeled. Representative sample data will be created and loaded into a database


Prototype Content: Reports and dashboards will be demonstrated to end user and feedback incorporated into the design


Map Data to Source Systems: Each field in the reports and data model will be mapped back to a source system for retrieval. Based on that data mapping, a Technical Data Architecture can be created

Week 2 – Develop

Data Integration: Create Data Integration jobs and transformations based on the data mappings defined to source systems


Fine Tune Models and Reports: Based on the data processed from source systems, the reports and models may need to be altered for better performance


Deploy to Server: Once all components are operational, they will be transferred to a server where they will be executed on a schedule basis


Knowledge Transfer: Swiss Data Labs will document to configurations made and collaboratively work with the Customer staff to ensure they are able to support the solution going forward

The Quick Start includes the follwoing services: Discuss business processes to be measured and output strategies. Design of a dimensional model that satisfies requirements. Creating the Solution Architecture. Design and build of Data Integration components to load dimensional model with source data. Design and build of OLAP model to allow quick, interactive slice and dice analysis. Create reports or dashboards per requirements to measure business process End user mentoring sessions. Technical knowledge transfer on how to build future solutions for requirements.