Consulting Services

We provide a wide range of consulting services in the fields of exploratory and advanced analytics, machine and deep learning, AI, data-driven IT and easy-to-use cloud solutions. We support our clients to understand the complex data ecosystem and the myriad of technology choices available. We deliver a data strategy and an effective road map to help you unlock value from the «optimal fit» intelligence solution.


Our bespoke software allows us to do a lot more with your data than you imagined. Here is a taste of what we do.



  • Modern cluster algorithms enable differentiated identification of customer segments on high-dimensional and large data volumes
  • Customer segments as a basis for optimized and profitable measures in product development, marketing, sales and service
  • Periodic migration analysis of customers between segments as a basis for event-based marketing
  • Graphical and statistical characterization of the derived customer segments
  • Possible empirical basis for repositioning «IKEA Family Card»

Personalization & Targeting

  • Calculation of the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) enables an individual assessment of the long-term profitability and maturity of a customer
  • Predictive, discounted and monetarized measure for the individual value of a customer
  • Calculation of the CLV enables an efficient overall allocation of funds
  • Transparent breakdown of CLV components and quantification of their uncertainty levels

Next-Best Actions


  • Social media analytics allows for a differentiated analysis of how your company, products and marketing activities reach different target groups
  • Sales-relevant trends, market developments and opinion leaders can be identified and corresponding recommendations for particular actions can be derived
  • Identification of product combinations, which are frequently bought by customers and analysis of the sequence of purchases allow the derivation of an optimized product mix
  • A 360° view across all channels and campaigns enables an optimized marketing mix and the derivation of next-best activities to maximize effectiveness and efficiency

Retention Modelling


  • Identification of customer groups at risk of migration
    • Estimation of migration probabilities
    • Identification of reasons for migration
  • Binding profitable customers as a key factor in a competitive environment
    • Reduction in churn rate from 3% to 2.5% for 1,000,000 active customers results in a reduced churn of 5,000 customers
  • Triage with Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) enables focus of commitment efforts on profitable customers