DATA FOUNDATION – H2 2017 ongoing

Industry: Location Promotion
Founded: 2008/1927 (OSEC)

Customers: approx. 5,000

Employees: approx. 100

«The migration of our CRM to MS Dynamics has presented us with major challenges in terms of data quality. SDL was the perfect partner to analyze and sustainably fix these issues.»
Rolf Bischofberger, CIO, S–GE


  • Migration of the customized legacy CRM to Microsoft Dynamics without prior data cleansing
  • Criticality of adequate CRM data with regard to the business model of S-GE
  • Overcome quality issues to enable an effective and efficient customer relationship mgmt.


  • A deep-dive business and data assessment uncovered hidden problems and process gaps
  • A structured data quality analysis and a central Master Data Management (MDM)
  • Finally, a long-term data strategy was developed to improve data quality in the new CRM and ensure optimal data quality management (end-to-end) in the future


  • By having the correct, non-redundant data readily available in the new CRM, S-GE can now focus its activities on the essentials of its core business
  • Data in CRM can now be comprehensively analyzed and seamlessly utilized