ADVANCED ANALYTICS – H2 2016 ongoing

Category: Non-profit Org.
Founded: 1971 (International)

Member: approx. 3 mio.
Employees: 2,400

«From smart data to good deeds! Swiss Data Labs helps us to make data-driven decisions more sustainably and efficiently.»
Sibylle Spengler, CMO, Greenpeace Switzerland


  • Due to the current economic and political situation, Greenpeace faces various challenges in fundraising and campaigning
  • One of the major problems is a high churn rate of supporters and, at the same time, a reduction in the growth of the new supporters


  • Reduce the churn rate through data-driven insights and recommendations for different business units (so-called “Next Best Actions”)
  • Affinity analyses allow us to specifically address the right group of people with regard to relevant topics (e.g., nuclear energy, oceans) and support types (e.g., monetary, volunteering)


  • Potential supporters are clustered in target segments, contacted at the right time and according to their preferences – Greenpeace successfully increased the relevance of its content
  • Churn rate reduced by up to –50% and commitment (engagement) increased
  • Other unnecessary administrative expenses and advertising costs are significantly reduced