ADVANCED ANALYTICS – H1 2016 ongoing

Industry: Logistics
Founded: 1849

Members: CHF 8.2 bn.
Employees: 61,265

«Thanks to SDL’s operational lead management, we are now able to deliver massive value added to our SME customers»
Andrea Roth, Head of Data Analytics & SME, Post CH


  • The SME Sales Team of Post CH AG must be able to manage its customers more efficiently and comprehensively
  • Their objective was to increase earnings with fewer resources, and they have reached the limit of what can be optimized without analytical support


  • Sparring partner of the operative team in strategic and operational matters
  • Integration of profound data science expertise to implement appropriate data analytics and advanced modelling (affinity analyses, customer development, and churn prevention
  • Leverage many years of experience and best practices from similar processes


  • Data-based sales leads are generated for the SME Sales staff in order to attract potential new customers and expand the existing customer base
  • Operationalized, highly effective lead management – directly integrated into the CRM system
  • Concisely designed and efficiently implemented Analytical Data Marts